Friday, January 16, 2009

White Knot Activism

To the founder of White Knot:

It is great to see the creativilty in our community/movement.

I am the type who hates "academics" but in a sense am in that I immediately wondered, as I implied,how you got started and where your work has been mentioned-how did you get publicity, and where the response has come from. It is the type information we need to know so that we don't make the same mistakes we did in dealing with Prop 8.

But I have been around a long time (see website: so think it is sometimes true that there is a time for things, and what we tried a few years ago and got no acceptance or publicity, may work today. And the more the merrier, or gayer. The poor rightwing haters have to stay up nights trying to hit back at all the work coming from the homosexual community/movement,from all geographical areas, all views—political, religious, etc. And history seems to be on our side, either just "because" or because we have done the work and been patiently working since Harry Hay, et al in 1950. And,by the way, most of our success came without a lot of gays being paid high salaries or lots of money coming from rich queers. It seems lost to the media, gay and non-gay, but a major part of our success had started before Stonewall.

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