Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Early newspaper article on same sex "marriage" (OutSmart, 1-09)

The small article in the current issue of OutSmart is very interesting to people interested in understanding history and thinking about same sex marriage.

It is ironic that apparently The Transgender Foundation of America's Transgender Archive, in Houston, has a copy of a pre-Civil War newspaper that has an article on two women who fell in live and entered into a domestic co-partnership. (The article is from the Newark Daily Advertiser, 1846.)

Also of interest is the fact that these two women were "Millerites," Millerism being a fore-runner of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

And to add to the "story" we have one woman trying to have the other one arrested when she left, showing the need for legal remedies for domestic disputes.

Thank goodness for the Archive preserving this material, available at its location-713 Fargo, Houston. And thank yo for letting us know about it.

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