Sunday, May 25, 2008

Homosexuals had better believe McCain and stop his kind of judges

There are at least two news items concerning Senator McCain's possible appointments of judges and justices and that a Karl Rove man is digging up dirt on Obama that make it necessary to be certain that minorities, and especially homosexual voters know the danger that McCain and Republicans can do to our successes, even in California where the judges are mainly Republican appointees.

Even if someone does not feel comfortable voting for Obama,they must vote Democratic in all other races, especially for senators, so that bad appointees can be blocked.

It is confusing that a few Republican appointed judges, as in California, are good judges, but they only prove there are exceptions as most rightwingers are anti-gay.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A homosexual has a question for Mormon polygamists

There is something that the Americans should think about when hearing about the events in Texas, where a polygamist church group has had their children taken away and they have all been accused of being child molesters.

We are told that the government raided the homes because of a phone call from some 16 year old girl, still not found, claiming that she and others were being abused.

In the news this month is the report of the death of Mrs. Loving. a black woman who, with her white husband, was arrested and forced to leave the state (Virginia, the state for lovers I think they say) because that state, like many, had a law against interracial marriage- a law supported by probably 80% of Americans at the time. They were arrested in their bedroom because some unknown person had called the police reporting them living together. It should be a cautionary tale to Americans, especially bigots, that the result of this arrest was not the end of interracial marriage, but the end of the laws against such marriages, And public opinion followed the law change and today the majority of Americans don't believe in the government telling people who they can marry.

Then there is another legal case that started with an anonymous phone call reporting two men having sex together in the privacy of their home, and they were arrested under the sodomy laws, laws that existed in all states in the mid 20th century. And again, the bigots should take care as the result of the arrest was NOT the end of sodomy law violations but the end of all sodomy laws.

Now we don't know how the arrests of the polygamists will turnout, but it is possible they and we should think of the above two cases and not only ask where that anonymous 16 year old girl is, but how all polygamists can be accused of being child molesters. And all have their children taken from them and spread, deliberately all over Texas, making it impossible for parents to be with all of their children.

One other interesting part of this news media event is that when the public started losing interest in news coverage and started questioning the actions of law enforcement agents, suddenly we are told the one thing guaranteed to get support and attention—and that is that "perhaps" the boys were being molested.

Now, the question is, do religious people who are being accused of being child molesters, and having their children taken away from them, see any reason to think that perhaps their civil rights being violated might be like the civil rights of others being violated, including homosexuals?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Article in June issue of Psychology Today, total nonsense!!!

The June issue of Psychology Today has (mentioned on the cover or I would never have glanced at the publication), an article called “The Darwinism Logic of Homosexuality,” by Robert Kunzig.

It is total nonsense, as usual, since little research has ever gone into actually studying the subject-which as Dorr Legg said must be done with the question: what causes anyone's sexuality, NOT what causes someone to be homosexual.

And while we know the danger of judging something from just our personal experience, I can tell you that the idea that we are more likely to be homosexual if we have lots of brothers-which I didn't, or our aunts on the mother's side had large families, which mine didn't, it seems obvious to me that there was little acceptable research on this that is quoted.

And to try to promote the "answers" given by knocking down the old (but usually accepted till only recently)ideas of Freud, etc-such as saying it is not biological by defective psychology, only shows what charlatans/exploiters of ignorance these people are, including the editors at the magazine.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Life, backwards and frontwards and in between

I have been directly part of the homosexual civil rights movement, and often over the years have been frustrated by the lack of support or even interest by most homosexuals, much less the so-called liberals and professionals who should have known the truth.

But I do think we can claim that our movement has affected people, even though they have not been directly involved or are even aware that they have been affected.

I was never a participant in the black civil rights movement, but I know I was affected by it and in a sense was educated for a world where races were equal by two institutions: the church and the YM/YWCA (sort of a religious agency too).

In high school, my Methodist Sunday School classes started a discussion on how lack citizens were being treated. I had not even been aware of the question. I had twice thought about it. Once while a paperboy and had one black customer. And when I realized that the good work done by the Bossier Lions Club was hurtful to black citizens because we raised money with a “minstrel with people in black faces, jokes, etc.

But the church started the discussion and the UM/YWCA added to it. And at summer camps the Y mixed the races, probably the first time we had ever met socially and equally.

So I felt good picking up black citizens in Baton Rouge when they started the first bus boycott—I was at LSU. And LSU Methodist and/YWCA groups met with the groups from Southern University. This was, in 1950, the year racial integration (partial) started at LSU and, strangely, Southern was concerned that it would take aware students from their university, the largest black college.

These institutions affected me. Today it could be that the internet, TV, etc. have the same affect. But we still need someone to make the effort. And we need everyone to support the effort.