Thursday, September 26, 2013

Public Nudity

In regards to the recent story about the man, Will Walters, who was arrested for public nudity at gay pride San Diego in 2011:

There are two issues here, the first being is nudity legal—an issue San Francisco is having to deal with.

The second, I am confused about. Is he saying the sponsors of the Pride event had him arrested? If so, he is wrong—people in control and having responsibility for an event have a duty, morally, and legally, to control it and they have a right to decide who and what is included in the event. If they said no nudity, and he tried to skirt the rule, he is wrong.

He has no right to harm an event for others just to satisfy his ego.  Let him plan his own event.

Monday, September 16, 2013

On turning 81...

Yes, I was born 9-16-32, here in Shreveport/Bossier, where I live again. It is cheaper than Los Angeles as I had old family home, overhead costs are low (Driver license for seniors is $12.50 for 4 years, car license is $28 (2001 Impala), and life is much better racially (and sexually) than it was when I grew up here in the 1940s.) I left for college/army and then to move to L.A. in Sept. of 1956.

Ann Bannon’s birthday was last Sunday, as it turns out, and Jeanne Barney, who wrote “Smoke from Jeanne's Lamp” for The Advocate through the 1970s, celebrated on Friday. In some ways she, as straight, has had a more “interesting” life than I did as a worker at ONE/HIC. Aristide Laurent, who also wrote for Advocate as "P Nutz," would have been 72 yesterday.

We have good memories but need to continue interest in a cause and how the world is going—and have a little fun with it all.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Elton John's kids...

Regarding the recent article in the London Evening Standard: “I was a monster...”

I’m not sure about this.  BUT, it is interesting that some of the entertainers who have unpleasant, unhealthy lives—not always their fault—still entertain the public so much. I liked hearing Elvis, etc. even though I know he had health problems, And I just heard Tina Turner say that she did not really enjoy her singing—but we sure did.  I’m sad that she no longer is singing, but she says she is happy in retirement—has enough—and she got married.

I know other people, not just entertainers, work when they don’t feel good. And we benefit from them too, as parents do the necessary even when they are not well too. So Elton benefits from having a spouse and kids and thankfully can still entertain us. 

But some of us can do good work even without children or a spouse.