Thursday, January 22, 2009

Portland's Gay Mayor....

I'm up early, couldn't sleep. And what do I hear on NPR but the Portland is being asked to resign, by the gay community. Even if winning you can lose, so you have to be careful in your planning-and as in Clinton, et al cases, the main thing is just don't lie about it.

That is my point about Obama. There was no guarantee that he would win, but the effort was made, intelligently, with good advisers, it was not just a sudden decision a year or so ago. Our cause of educating people about sex has to be planned, coordinated, careful not to make false claims, or hide unpleasant people or ideas, but constantly pushing our information.

We need to reach people who are never going to come to a PFLAG meeting,or even see a glbt publication. That is why articles like the one on reliigion in Newseek hels us. And Playboy helps us. And I see a link on Daily Queer News where black civil rights pioneer John Lewis says, again, that all civil rights movements are the same. What a difference with people like him, and even Sharpton and Jesse who have walked the walk (and in Jesse's case talked a lot) and these well-dressed, nonentity black hetero male black preachers who don't even practice what they preach, and sure have failed at the issue of marriage-worrying, and as Al (and Obama) says, about our marriage desire, opposing it, and failing to get young black women, over 60% of them, to marry, or at least stop having kids they dont' want and can't take care of, with men who sing songs calling them whores, etc.

When our movement started in 1950 there were a dozen men and women at most, it slowly and secretly started learning and slowly started dealing with various aspects, such as publishing (ONE Magazine), religion (with the Church of ONE Broherhood), legal (starting with Dale Jenning's arrest and then the lawsuit against the post office than was won only at the U S Supreme Court level), and then social service and education (ONE Institute, classes, and counseling people coming in to the office, the first public one in the nation). They had no advertising people willng to help, no landlords willing to help, no gay publishers willing to help, so they relied on heterosexuals, who saved us and gave us time to get started and slowly get some homosexuals to actually help.

Now there is no excuse for homosexuals who are politically wise, in religion, in advertising, journalists, in medicine, etc not using their knowledge and ability to promote our cause. Those who don't should be exposed for their failure as good citizens. They should not be honored. They should be shamed.

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