Monday, November 17, 2008

Some of us support the protests, but don't personally seek the goal of marriage

I am not sure how to express my concerns with the wonderful protests against Prop 8, but several people have said the same thing-we older people should consider what the young ones seem to want. That is valid. BUT, how much thought has gone into concentratng on marriage as the "solving" of our civil rights problems as homosexuals, AND, how getting equal rights for homosexuals in marriage is affecting those citizens who do not want marriage but under our Constitition and Bill of Rights deserve equal rights-which come to us as individuals, not as a group, class, race, etc.

I of course am following the thoughts of one of our movement pioneers, Don Slater (co-founder of ONE, Inc in 1952 and The Homosexual Information Center in 1968 (and also ONE's funding arm, ISHR), whose thinking and activism seems so far to be on target. The one item he seemed to disagree with the CA court decision on is the idea of homosexuals being a "suspect class." He said and I agree, even though he, like most of the 2d group of our pioneers (as opposed to the founders, who were Communists) was a conservative Republican while I am a liberal Democrat, that if we appear to be asking for special rights, it will delay our victory. And he was consistent, as he oposed hate crime laws and affirmative actions.

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