Sunday, November 23, 2008

Columnists Mike Reagan and Michelle Malkin in The Times (Shreveport), 11-22-08

We should wonder, in this time of so many blogs, do any of the people blogging and writing opinion columns ever read/hear what others are saying?

I would hope Michelle Malkin, would come out of her closet and hear what Mike Reagan is saying—in his column just above her column in today’s paper (11-22-08).

It should amaze her, asit does me, as he is saying things I don't think he has said when it mattered, during the recent presidential campaign. He says the problem with the Republican Party is that it is balkanized, which has been what elitist talk show “experts” have said when talking about the Democratic Party—or “Democrat” party as they say, pimping for the Republicans.

And each faction flasely claims to be followers of his father, President Reagan. Sounds like most religious leaders to me, which is one of the factions destroying the party. They vote on only one issue.

And a major thought from him—sounding like Obama’s words about us being one nation and not a red or blue nation—he says instead of being a faction based on one person, “…we need to be just plain Republicans.”

Instead, Malkin is dong her usual whining, playing victim to all those mean “gays“ who protest when their civil rights are taken away by a small majority of voters who have believed the lies of the Mormon and Catholic church and a few black heterosexual preachers who quote from the Bible that kept their ancestors in slavery for hundreds of years. Not very smart—Malkin or the preachers—as history will soon prove.

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