Friday, January 17, 2014

Trying to get MORE Gay Pride in West Hollywood

As someone who has worked in the effort to gain equal rights for homosexual American since 1959, I want those involved in CSW and those in West Hollywood wanting to do more, to know that the pioneers would be very gay to hear you seeking to do more, yet be practical in doing it, to entertain and educate the LGBT community.

Congratulations.  You are in a great American tradition of trying to improve on even what is a success.  But no one should miss the point: this is what was once a hidden, closeted part of society that is now pushing themselves to celebrate their lives. 

It might be good to have a booth for the local LGBT libraries/archives, which are preserving the history of the movement/cause.  I think of at least three, June Mazer (in West Hollywood), ONE Archives (at the USC library) and the Homosexual Information Archives (at the Cal State Northridge library).

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