Thursday, January 23, 2014

This is an important discussion...

Regarding the SALON article Esquire’s astoundingly homophobic “Looking” review expects gay men to be “mincing”:

Sharing this review is good. It is important because future LGBT TV shows will—hopefully—come on board and the LGBT community needs to put shows and reviews in perspective. (Past such reviews would be like those of Boys in the Band.)  And even though the writer and Esquire do not want to have a discussion, we in the community need to.

Daniel D’Adarrio does a great job of pointing out the nonsense of the reviewer, Mick Stingley, who make only one or two good points in the midst of his “protesting too much” his heterosexuality. His bias shows if he finds TV shows about heterosexuals trying to hook up entertaining. And many movies seem to need a future car chases to keep us interested.

It would be interesting to see what the LGBT media says about the show. That would make a good article for Esquire or The New York Times.

I have said I did not find the show entertaining or representative, even of San Francisco members of the community. But then I find most shows equally boring, especially if they depend on short “cute” jokes. But it could be that viewers will get more interested if the characters grow in future episodes.

I suggest that, for punishment, Stingley be forced to watch LOGO channel for a week.

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