Friday, September 21, 2012

LGBT persons in nursing homes

This is a generic issue.  

I have thought I’d have no problem in a nursing home at my age, no one would care about my sexuality—I of course have not been “active” for years anyway.  But I would stay in my house as long as possible because it is easier, and actually cheaper for me and the goernement/social security/medicare/medicaid, etc.  That is the blessing and question about Triangle Square in Hollywood and the one they are planning in Philadelphia.  Most retirement places now have regular apartments or rooms and then a section for later when you need assistance, etc.  But except for these two, they are expensive and of course these two are gay-friendly.


Victor Salvo said...

They are breaking ground for Chicago's Gay Senior Residence building in January. 76 units, I think. Built on the site of the police station where we were all arrested during the 90s Act-UP protests. Occupancy in fall of 2014.

Billy Glover said...

That is really great—both the building and the “location.” The one in L. A. is on Ivar Street, but the other street, which I can't remember, is the old cruising street in Hollywood.

C. Todd White said...