Friday, June 22, 2012

Gay Pride in the Military

Regarding Patriot Post article on Obama and gay pride in the military:

Ron Tate writes:

As we discuss this issue about gays in the military, I couldn’t help but notice this article posted by a former high school classmate’s Facebook page regarding celebrating gays in the military.  It is a long read but gives insight into how still so many view gays in the military. 
They will not let this issue die a dignified death.  My classmate served as an officer in the U.S. Air Force and grew up in Arkansas.
Need I say more?

Obviously there is only one answer needed for this man and the others—they said the same in 1948 when truman integrated the military.  And I notice the use of a “medical term” about homosexuality.  It is not valid, it wasn’t when it was used, and is not now.  But I did not know Obama told the military they had to “celebrate” Pride month.  I don’t celebrate it—so am opposed to that, or any other special group or cause.

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