Thursday, June 14, 2012

OutSmart’s June 2012 Pride issue, coverage of the people honored in the parade, etc. (19th Pride Issue)

You rightly can be proud of the Pride issue.  I am trying to write from memory (I’m at a library computer) but the main thought is Brandon Wolf’s articles on the honored people.  What I find interesting is how they got into the movement/community (including the non-gay ones) and that most ended up in Houston but came from such places as Wisconsin, Oregon  and Canada.  Even the ones from Texas came from small towns but moved to the big city.

I do wonder, since it is mentioned, what happened to the publication Texas Triangle and its publishers and writers?  I think you covered one a few years ago, but forget.  And I wonder, considering your last two governors, how  we understand how Ann Richards was there and dear Molly Ivins got by for so long.

Has anyone wondered, as I do, how, as far as I know, Houston has your great publication and no newspaper, and Dallas has the good Dallas Voice, but no magazine?  Some of us are inbetween in the Ark-La-Tex area east of dallas and north of Houston, so wish we got more of your good community works.


Brandon Wolf said...

Thank you, Billy. Your compliments are always a special cachet.

I’m fortunate that Greg assigns me the marshal profiles every year, because I get to find out a lot more about people I’ve been acquainted with for years, but never knew the whole story.

I was noticing that too about the marshals – two of them grew up on farms. And then Ellen coming from Canada, and Madison having lived in Texas. I can’t help but think that big cities have a magnetic force for many gays – it did for me – as soon as I came out in 1970, my sights were set on Washington, DC.

Houston does have the Montrose Star, a bar magazine called abOUT, and it looks like another new bar magazine called OUT InForm. But Greg’s is the only publication that does anything in depth.

The Triangle ended years ago – Nancy Ford, the editor, now works for Greg.

It really is sad to think how in the 80s, we had a woman governor, and the mayors of the five largest cities in Texas were female. But Karl Rove worked for 20 years, building up a fundamentalist network across Texas, that the Dems just can’t seem to compete with. I tend to think it’s easier to get people active politically by scaring them with negative issues, than it is to organize people to be active so that positive things happen. The fundies think they have to control everything or their whole way of life is threatened.

Hope you’re doing well – things are great here ……


Billy Glover said...

I think I've said before, the one thing I'll admit I might have een wrong about is my thinking, starting as a teenager (and not just on sexuaity) that each generation things would just keep getting better. I don't see that this state (LA) is any better: Jindal is not as good as people think, and my other state (CA) is now in worse shape, at least financially, than when I lived there. But most states seem to be in trouble, so how do we explain that? It doesn't seem to matter the political party in control.

But, unless I'm missing something, things for our cause seem to keep getting better. Maybe it is because we did what Rove did-slowly but surely educated and filed legal cAse after case, etc.

I'm glad you are doing well, I am fine and a few people in Shreveport are at work on glbt film festival and even billboards about being fair. I don't hear much from Dallas, I don't understand why people going to Dallas, Houston, etc., don't bring back the local papers and material to share with us here. I used to go once a month and brought back copies of TWIT, Voice, etc. and same from Houston. And the local gay pages.