Monday, July 26, 2010

RE: Daily Queer News July 26, 2010

Once again I have to thank Daily Queer News for information I had not seen elsewhere-since I can't view every website or blog.

First the link/article in Huffington Post discusses the issue of churches and the bible issues of slavery and homosexuality. The article si good but in fact misleading, as twice it says they re not the same when in fact they are exactly the same. The attempt to find ways to say they aren't is prejudice.

Second, the link from is important since I had not known the the military had in fact surveyed the men in the military in 1947 concerning integrating the military, plus a strange question about Jews. The results were not surprising, no matter what then or now you think of the intellgience of people serving inour Armed Forces. I found the views similar to the rest of society. But the vast majority opposed racial integration, and for some reason had a bad view of Jews.

President Truman ignored the results and integrated the military in 1948. We see the results gradually from then to today.

As the terrible treatment by the White house administration of the lady from Georgia shows, we need a leadership that goes by facts and is not diverted by ignorance, from the extreme left or right. And from the churches, and leaders of the NAACP we need leaders with the ability to be competent and ethical inspite of the Fox news idiots. What indeed would Jesus do?

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