Saturday, July 17, 2010

Articles in the August issue of OUT Magazine/Christopher Hitchens, etc

I am glad I was at the bookstore and glanced at the glbt publications, as I saws two items in the August issue of OUT Magazine that I think are worth people thinking about.

First, why has no one else, at least that I have heard, discussed Christopher Hitchen’s new book? He discusses, as you mention, his sexuality, including the already known sex among young men in England's/UK schools. Why is no one interested-is it because, (he won't like this but says so himself) he is not young and cute?

If ever there was a need for an excuse for discussing bisexuality, he has added one, and it is time to try to learn about humans. The irony is that he gives a different version, and one that many women use for becoming lesbians. He says he may be heterosexual today because he, as he grew older, became less sexually attractive to men, and women did find him attractive.

Second, and in a sense the same issue, being young and sexual, is a mention of an older and pioneer book on young homosexual males. I don't even remember reading the book, although ONE/HIC has it, and it was an important beginning on dealing with boys and homosexuality—so I wonder how many men then and young men today have read such a book as I'll get There? (Hope it's worth the price)

I think OUT is either getting better, or I am seeing things better—a challenge at 79.

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