Saturday, June 26, 2010

We need a lgbt think tank, talk about issues, goals, methods, etc.

I was talking with someone today and it reminded me of how good it was in the early days to sit with people and talk about issues. And many of those "issues" are still issues today, even though in a different atmosphere.
I see shows on C-SPAN taped at various think tank events-mostly rightwing. So what is missing, as far as I know, except in our publications, is discussion and exchange of thoughts among us in the community/movement.
I can think of many news items that are not "gay" but are indirectly related to our cause and might be useful to us if we could view them for a lgbt view.
Also, since no one can read all blogs or pcations, it would be helpful to everyone if some of us could read certain publications and let the rest of us know if they have articles of interest. An example is found on today's links in Daily Queer News. There is an article in Village Voice on glbt publications and how they may be in trouble. Comments added show how interesting others found the article, most disagreeing with the idea of the writer. That is good journalism and a good education in itself.

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