Friday, June 18, 2010

There were people "out" who we may know about if the media ignored them.

To Bet Power:

Thanks for reminding me about Compton's-isn't there a documentary about it? And you are right about those people who are not listed in our history but were there, working, taking risks, long before Stonewall. And the issue, not just of Bayard Rustin, but of people like Eckstein, who worked for several causes, in this case race and sex. And that is an issue we need to deal with today, that Prop 8 showed us.

And thanks for putting it so well, there was a more conservative approach, and then a more militant phase.


Paul D. Cain said...

Nice recitation, Bet! (I would have loved to interview Ernestine Eckstein.) And yes, Billy, there is a documentary about the Compton's Riot -- I know because I bought it last year! :-) pdc

Paul Cain (6/19/2010)

Bet Power said...

Yes, the documentary is Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton's Cafeteria:

Eckstein is another one of our important historical figures who is unknown or vastly underrated in the account of our LGBT struggle for equality.

Bet Power
(June 20, 2010)