Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Senator Craig on NBC last night...

Even though I watched Larry Craig and wife on NBC (and immediately repeated on CNN) last night, I have no idea what to think of him.  What I do know, as we have all said, is that his arrest is a classic example of entrapment.  I don’t think it matters if he is gay or not.  What is obvious is that he still will be anti-gay and so he doesn’t deserve any sympathy. 

But it is pure evidence that many of us plead guilty even if we aren't, to avoid publicity and further costs, etc.  And that our “friends” often abandon us, many assuming we are guilty even if we weren’t.  So I hope he continues his fight, and if he really is an intelligent person, and wife and kids, he should sooner or later realize that his actions as a politician have hurt innocent people as well as the “gays” he doesn’t like or want to be.

See what another blogger has said about Craig:

Larry Criag is a Nasty Boy

I agree, mostly.


Aristide Laurent said...

The problem is that he KNEW it was entrapment and admitted it using that very term. A truly heterosexual man who had been falsely arrested in a public toilet while doing a #2 wouldn't have a clue about “sexual entrapment in men's rooms.” He would have been outraged that he was being arrested in a toilet when he was trying to take an honest shit. No innocent [heterosexual] man would have rolled over so easily. How could anyone who was a powerful U.S. senator think that something so salacious would simply disappear by pleading no contest?
Senator Craig’s KNOWLEDGE of terminology gives him away and I hope his stupidity hangs him. Gay men have been “entrapped” in toilets for a century and he never cared or did anything about it until it happened to HIM. Even now he only cares about HIS entrapment and not that of the others busted in the very same men's room. When I was busted in Griffith Park, I joined a number of others who had been arrested in G.P. [with the help of Thomas Coleman] to fight the entrapment law under which we were arrested. We failed.
I don’t understand why you have “no idea what to think of him.” What is it you're failing to comprehend here? Maybe I can explain it to you in simple terms: He’s a selfish hypocrite ... and a dangerous one.

Billy Glover said...

I said I didn't know what to think. I still do not. He and wife are good actors. BUT, from the day Mattachine went public, as ONE we had complaints from people saying we were educating alright, and that would HURT us. We gave the general public education about our existence and of course our terms. Tell me what heterosexual does not know our terms. Drag, entrapment, etc.

I am sure the founders took the position that we do today, we have nothing to lose, we are being hurt everyday anyway. And like Craig, 90% of the closet queens do nothing to change that fact. It is amazing that so few of us have accomplished so much in about 50 years.

Look at the Jena 6, and no one says they are innocent, but the white boys were guilty too. Did anyone think the backwaters of LA had made much progress on racial issues? Hiding the fact does no good. And again, where are the rich educated blacks who should be helping financially, etc to change this fact. And where are the rich atheists, who should be working to educate people on their rights in America?

Am I wrong to think that if Craig fights, no matter his motive, he helps our cause?

Mary said...

I have often wondered if...we get assimilated into regular, non-gay/lesbian culture, then where do we find our uniqueness? How can you consider yourself, or your partner, even a little bit special, if you're just like Nancy and Joe next door w/2.4 kids? How can you enjoy a semi-secret society, laughing behind your hand at the ignorant, if you're just like them?

Yes, of course, I would like acceptance and respect, not to mention not fearing for my life, but damned if I want to be JUST like them!!!

Billy Glover said...

Amen to both of you. And, dam, AJ, you are a great writer. Our movement is the lesser for people like you not being heard. I plan on sending out an editorial preaching that the editors/publishers in our movement do not cooperate and communicate with each other, much less their readers. And the one good example of what I think we need is Lesbian Connection. The people at Ambitious Amazons give space so that, in this case only lesbians, can share news and let others know how life is in their area, share their lives, including pictures of them with their animal friends, share what books they have read, etc.

beefystud10 said...

He can be a selfish hypocrite, and as much as I dislike Republicans, Craig did not break the law. He didn’t offer any payment, so he wasn't soliciting for prostitution... he merely tried to pick up another guy. That's no crime.

Billy Glover said...

That’s what I think. And I’m not sure the CA laws apply, 647, etc. Can there be lewd conduct in private??? I do agree with AJ that he seemed to know a lot, but then he has been accused for many years so maybe had to know. I also don't care if Tom Cruise or any cute celebrity is gay-it doesn't make me any gayer or think we are any better if rich or famous people are gay too. I was not happy as a young Methodist knowing that that bigot Governor Wallace of Alabama was Methodist too. And we sure hope Hitler was not gay.

Susan Howe said...

Hi Billy

Yes, I agree with your observation. I hope it sinks in with him that mistaken “gay” arrests can and do happen. It seems like that particular john could be monitored to prevent sexual activity without bringing in a police sting. That would discourage use of it “as a known contact” place. I also wish male homosexuals were not so casual about sex contacts as it does make for a slutty reputation. You and I have never discussed this issue before (as to my last comment).


Billy Glover said...

I agree that, in the age of AIDS we need to be wiser in our sexual contacts. And many people have said the obvious, why doesn't the airport put a uniformed cop in there or at least let one walk in and out often.

As to Craig, it does seem he followed the “gay” way of acting, but I think it is possible some innocent hetero could do the same, and still be afraid of being called gay, etc.