Monday, August 19, 2013

Discussions in Box Turtle

Regarding today’s agenda on Box Turtle Bulletin

I wonder what articles, issues your readers find more interesting. I glanced at your website today and found the duplicity of Stoli the best example of exploitation—but if men are stupid enough to want to “compete” to be their spokesperson, that says more about their self image than Stoli’s  I have no idea of how to deal with the issue of Russia and the Olympics. I do think the Hitler reference is valid.

Once again, you discuss historical events in our movement, and I like it, and that applies to the discussion of the NACHO Conference in Chicago and Frank Kameny’s “Gay is Good” proposal. You say the vote for it was unanimous, but if I did vote for it, I did not like it then, or now, as it is a copy of “Black is Beautiful,” and I would think thinking people would find it silly. We know we are equal, and I doubt Kameny’s slogan convinced many bigots to change their thinking.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Billy,
Ran across you and your efforts through BTB and wanted to say THANK YOU! Because of you the world was made a better and more loving place and I wanted to try and bring a bit of joy to your heart as your work has help to bring to me and so many others. You are appreciated and loved.