Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stinson Carter article in current issue of The Forum News (Shreveport/Bossier)

It was a pleasant surprise to be glancing through the free local “alternative” newspaper, Forum News, and see an article, with picture, of Stinson on his book, False River.

And, talk about a small world, it points out that one of the writers he likes is Walker Percy, and of course my friend in Boston is history prof William (Bill) Percy, Walker’s relative (another Percy wrote a famous book, I think it is Lanterns on the Levee). 
Bill has a paper/dissertation on him by a former student at UTX. I found it very interesting not only about Wm. Percy but about the times, race relations, and he knew famous people, etc. This was a good reflection on life in Greenville MS and also in Europe.

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stinny said...

Hi Billy, thanks for the post. Hope you're well. -S