Saturday, February 19, 2011

Awarning to young homosexual Americans: 2 current events show that religions are the source of most of our problems, no matter what issue you are con

The catalyst for covering this subject is the two events discussed on this week's edition of the HBO tv series hosted by a modern day "Mattachine": Real Time with Bill Maher.

He first covered the fact that while the world celebrates the events in Egypt in which citizens kicked out a corrupt dictator of 30 years, Fox New may in fact have a point-the fact is that Muslim men raped a foreign journalist supposedly because she wore clothing that did not follow their religious dictates and a large majority of citizens have said they approve of such religious control of the nation. It is not just a small group of extremists who want to force everyone to follow Islamic dictates. Maher said correctly, there will still be no true democracy there until there is sexual equality. That is true of the Islamic attitude toward homosexuals-they want us dead.

The second event he covered are current celebrations in southern states of the anniversary of the Civil War-which they lost. That war was to keep slavery. And it was supported by most citizens, including those who did not own slaves, and worse it was endorsed by churches. A hundred years later those churches, Methodists and Southern Baptists, etc, have apologized to black Americans for their violation of human rights. They have repented-but to make the point relative still, members of the local Methodist Church enter the building under the proof that they approved of slavery, written in stone over the entrance-Methodist Episcopal Church, South. The church divided and both parts used the same book, the Bible, to prove that their god did or did not approve of slavery. Today they use that some resource to attack homosexual Americans. They changed racially-they must be forced-educated-to change on sexuality.

Is it possible that young glbt people think the battle/movement to gain equal/civil rights for homosexual Americans has been won or progress will continue automatically, with them having to do nothing? We live in a world that others worked to make better. It could be reversed if future generations don't continue the work we have done.


Rev. Marge Ragona said...

Correction please: The Methodist church which had the sign "Methodist Episcopal Church South" burned down in June of 2009. My MCC church met there. They are an open and affirming church and have many gay members. They are building a new sanctuary and will not have the old sign. Bless you for printing this

Rev. Marge Ragona, Retired MCC pastor of Bethel MCC Birmingham, AL

Billy Glover said...

That is progress, if brought on by fire. Good to hear from you, hope all is going well.

I think it is not easy to point out the errors/mistakes in churches without seeming to be anti. But as you know, over time they can change for the better.