Friday, May 21, 2010

Definition of Homosexual: The Family Research Council is right on one point, wrong on the other, but so are many gays

In a link on today's Daily Queer News I recall mention of the FRC saying that homosexual is only an adjective, not a noun. You have a homosexual act, you are not homosexual. That happens to be what ONE and HIC have always said and believed. It is based on the work of Dr. Hooker and Dr. Kinsey.
My personal definition of a homosexual person is one who has over 50% of his sex acts, by choice, with someone of the same sex. That also covers those who have no act, or dream about having the act, and does not thus include someone who has a homosexual act but would rather have the act with someone of the opposite sex. If the chosen partner could be either male or female (at 50%), then the person is bisexual.
The fact is that all of us have some of the same acts, anal and/or oral, so the person we have those acts with defines whether it is homosexual or heterosexual.
I have also said that if someone is blind, and doesn't feel the other person, they would not know if the person performing the oral act is male or female.
When those who seem to not be comfortable being homosexually oriented seek some excuse, they start talking about love. But it does not matter why we choose the partner. Our civil rights don't depend on making the 'right" choice, just as our civl rights don't depend on being a certain race or choosing a certain religion.
Two people of the same sex could love each other but not be sexually attracted to each other. And two people could want to marry even though they are of the opposite sex OR of the same sex and have no sexual attraction, but have an economic or other reason. That is why all marriage laws give special rights that are denied to single people amd are unjust. And true conservatives should be the first to get the state and federal government out of making private decisions for citizens-which the Loving case did when it said the state could not decide the race of a marital partner.
The FRC is wrong when it tries to thus say that homosexual Americans can and should "change." That also invades our right to privacy—why hasn't anyone spoken out to support the Ninth Amendment, which this nation's founders wisely gave us? Anti-homosexuals, including, sadly, many closet queens, say we can and should "change" but we should proudly say, well, maybe we can change, but we don't want to and in America WE decide who (Adults) we have sex with and love, not the religious fanatics or ignorant "experts" who said we were sick and sinful and criminal for all years past.

This is 2010, All Americans are closer to total equal/civil rights. Deal with it. (You will never "get back our country." "That" country was anti-black, anti-homosexual, anti-women, etc. It was "good" if you were wasp males.)

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