Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sex in church/political news, in Africa, etc, and do we hide sexual part of our community/movement

There has been lots of “sex” in the news, especially about the Catholic Church, in several nations, including a prostitution ring in the Vatican. And Protestant bigots from the U. S. going to Africa to “teach” the blacks there about the evils of homosexuality-showing films of acts most of us never thought of. It is interesting how much these preachers know about homosexual sex. Some of us might say, well, if we are going to have the name, we might as well play the game. But most of our community/movement is talking about gaining our civil/equal rights, and holding meetings, writing emails, etc.

Several of the movement pioneers might want us to think about having some sex, or talking about it, reading about it or seeing it on videos, etc. After all that is the point of gaining our right to privacy. So I glanced at the latest catalog from one distributor of sex material— I have heard that there is a possibility that such print and film might disappear as most people now use the Internet for their sexual interests. But I would tell the religious bigots that it seems that real homosexuals are interested in love as much as sex, judging by the many films offered, such as the wonderful Latter Days. There are several pages of such romance offerings. There are also, of course, films with a little sex in them,of various types and involving several ethnic groups, etc. And there are sex toys available. But it seems heterosexuals use them as much as homosexuals. And I imagine more heterosexuals use sex films than homosexuals.
One of the reasons ONE/HIC has spoken out in favor of legalizing prostitution is that a famous therapist pointed out the obvious,some of us are not cute, sexy and find it hard to find sexual partners. Life is not fair. And yet we need sex as much as the pretty and cute people. And those who are handicapped, or old, don't lose their sexual desires, and can get some satisfaction from books and films.

It is doubtful that books or films create a sexual desire, but in fact exist to satisfy that desire, and there have been examples of this throughout history.

So we make no apologizes to the true perverts, who use sex to gain money and power/control. The hope is that people who are happy will not be harming others, and the only sexual problems are preventing health risks and unwanted pregancies. Those are what true religious people should be working to prevent.

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