Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August Issue of OutSmart Magazine

I wonder if others were as impressed as I am with your August issue’s cover and the way it depicts the two young Christian singers, as well as the article by Steven Foster. Being Christian and homosexual and being singers makes life interesting.

But I must comment on a few other items that I think are very important. Most places have had some troubles with their pride parades, as is shown by the letter to the editor dealing with people—fortunately I assume that are gay or gay-friendly which makes it a lot less bad—who run into the parade and push for beads, etc and even try to touch cute young people. Even in family oriented Mardi Gras parades this happens, especially with drunk adults.

I always like the two political columns, LeftOut and Outright.

And it is important to warn people not to donate money to fake groups-such as the one claiming to do AIDS work which itdoes NOT do. There are several groups doing good AIDS work, but sometimes it is the fakes that seem to get the atention.

Nancy Ford’s article on the four lesbian bars is very interesting. Many cities have few if any lesbian bars.

I am wondering about the listing in the Calendar section of the listing for the meeting each third Thurday of the month meeting on glbt books at the Houston Library. Have you ever had someone cover a meeting? I wonder if many people know of it and what books are covered and how well the library “covers” glbt books. The subject of how many people read, and buy books is interesting—I think many things are interesting,I know—since book stores are closing, sales are down, yet more books are being published and C-SPAN and other places, such as blogs discuss books even as such publications as the Los Angeles Times are ending their book sections.

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