Sunday, April 13, 2008

Guest Blogger: Ron Tate

After serving Billy and Paul a huge BBQ dinner yesterday on the patio, we are preparing to head off toward the western sky later this morning. We hope to reach Albuquerque by nightfall. However, I am not sure how far we will actually make it today.

If all goes well, we will be in Dolores, Col. by Mo! nday evening. Supposedly there is a town about 10 miles away from Dolores, that has a market, so we can buy groceries to cook. I am not sure if Tony has a stove. They think he has a TV but no cable or DVD. Perhaps a VHS player but I gave away my VHS movies over 10 years ago. We will bring along some blankets and pillows just in case Tony doesn't have enough. Tried to call him about it yesterday and left a voice mail msg but no return call.

There was a gluttony of food at the BBQ. I cooked tons of salmon and chicken breasts. We also had baked beans, cole slaw, macaroni salad, wheat rolls, corn on the cob, baked potatoes and red wine. Both Billy and Paul were stuffed and could barely move for hours. Paul managed to hit his sugar free ice cream several times yesterday between meals.

We watched the DVD movie last night, De Lovely, about the life of Cole Porter. The music was catchy and the acting quite good. I tried to show them Mrs. Henderson Presents but the DVD copy kept freezing. Afandi will get a copy of it from while we are away. It should be here in time to see this coming weekend.

Dry and cold weather will greet us all the way to Delores. Jackets and long sleeve shirts are in order. It is 44 here this morning in San Antoneand will stay chilly for the next several mornings. No rain systems within thousands of miles and of course nothing on the extended horizon. San Antonians are using from .6 to .8 feet of the aquifer water supply each day now as the arid, dry atmosphere is taking its toll on the vegetation. I dare saw we will be under severe water restrictions by June. If the city officials had IQs above 60, they would be instituting restrictions immediately, as this drought is of the severity never experienced in this part of the world. Stay tuned!

More while on the trip if we find a free wireless bookstore or coffee shop along the way. My T Mobile will not work in New Mexico, so calls will be minimal at best.

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