Thursday, March 20, 2003

Andrew Sullivan Article on the Sodomy Case in The New Republic

March 20, 2003

I have just glanced at an article by Andrew Sullivan, in the March 24th issue of The New Republic, Page 18, Unnatural Law,"We're all sodomists now"discussing the coming U S Supreme Court hearing and decision on the sodomy law casefromTexas (Lawrence v. Texas).

He goes into the philosophy of sodomy and the religious background and the distinction between homo and hetero sodomy. And he discusses briefly past court decisions and discussions, mentioning Murdoch/Price contribution, Courting Justice. I think the only possible "issue" Don Slater would have with the article is that even Sullivan seems to say that the court should handle it as a civil rights case for a class, and Don says, and rightly I think, that our only chance of success is if it is handled as a case of individual rights.

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